Recognizing the importance of DEI, Modern Healthcare is introducing the inaugural Top 25 Diversity Leaders in Healthcare, formerly known as the Top 25 Minority Leaders.

Honorees on this year’s list demonstrate a commitment to expanding and improving access to care to all patients and creating more inclusive workplaces. Modern Healthcare is also recognizing 10 organizations that bolstered diversity in leadership and governance ranks.

Dr. Richard Park

Founder, CityMD and Co-founder & CEO, Rendr

Park built two companies dedicated to expanding healthcare services in underserved areas. CityMD and Rendr address health equity and population health management to both high- and lower-socioeconomic areas that tend to have more diverse underserved populations. Urgent care company CityMD has grown to 150 centers in New York and New Jersey, including a number of locations where people typically didn’t have commercial health insurance. After bringing in private equity investments in 2017 for $600 million, he launched Rendr a couple of years later. The New York City multispecialty practice mainly serves Asian Americans and other underserved populations, caring for about 100,000 patients in more than 35 locations across Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

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2021 年醫療保健 25 大多元化領導

因為多元、平等和包容的重要性,Modern Healthcare 推出了首屆醫療保健行業多元化領導者 25 強的評選,其前身為前 25 大少數族裔領導者。

今年名單上的獲獎者致力於擴大和改善所有患者獲得醫療護理的機會,並創造更具包容性的工作場所。 Modern Healthcare 還表彰了 10 家在領導和管理層級上支持多元化的組織。


CityMD 創始人,仁德醫生聯合創始人兼首席執行

樸俊醫生成立了兩家公司,致力於在服務欠缺地區擴展醫療保健服務。 CityMD 和仁德醫生致力於在社會經濟較高和較低的地區,都倡導健康公平和人口健康管理,這些地區往往擁有更多樣化的服務不足人口。緊急護理公司 CityMD 已在紐約和新澤西開設 150 個中心,其中一些地區的人們通常沒有商業健康保險。在 2017 年引入 6 億元的私募投資後,幾年後他成立了仁德醫生。這家多專科集團主要為紐約市的亞裔和其他服務匱乏的群體提供服務,在布魯克林、曼哈頓和皇后區的超過 35 個地點服務約十萬名患者。

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